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We can’t say it better! “Education is the great engine of personal development” – Nelson Mandela.

A genuine change in Rwanda

Project Description

Ubumuntu Digital Platform is an online educational platform developed by Aegis Trust to support the delivery and expansion of its peace education programmes in Rwanda and beyond. A wide range of users, including teachers, youth, students, parents, researchers and policy-makers benefit from this platform’s curated interactive content, designed to help them acquire skills and attitudes about peace and positive values.

We were approached by Aegis Trust in 2018 to help support them with the development of an educational platform for the delivery and expansion of their peace and values education programmes throughout Rwanda. We were responsible for the transformation of offline training materials into interactive Elearning modules with video content, animations and stories to help learners engage with the peace and values programme. Visit some of their initiatives online at Aegis Trust and Champion Humanity.