A whiteboard is a tool to help us discover the next steps.
A whiteboard session is a place to collaborate and translate ideas into reality. It is a dedicated intensive session to help you bridge the gap between vision, strategy and an engaging digital platform.
Umuthi ® Digital and Future Collective Collaboration
Bridging the gap between vision and execution
Organised as single or multiple-day virtual sessions for small teams facilitated by brand and digital transformation experts.
virtual whiteboard sessions
Engaging collective intelligence
These sessions are designed to foster ideas, explore opportunities and collaborate to bridge the gap between vision, strategy and execution.
Digital Marketing

Our whiteboard sessions help you understand the dynamics of marketing and engagement in the digital space.  We will help you define, build and execute a digital engagement strategy for your ideas. We define the most relevant path to engagement based on your vision.

Leading Digital Transformation

The world is changing fast. An organisation without a digital strategy is unlikely to keep people engaged, or remain relevant. We help you transform your business to continue engaging with your audience while reaching your goals. 

Smart Technology

How do we engage remotely? Using whiteboard technology we can transform our screens into a digital canvas to brainstorm ideas, outline our vision and define a minimum viable product from anywhere in the world. We co-create ideas and help you transform your ideas and vision into meaningful projects.

Our Approach
Digital whiteboard sessions help co-create effective strategy and impactful projects.
define the brand story

Opportunity analysis to craft a vision, the brand purpose and an engaging story.

design the platform

Craft ideas into an outline of a digital eco system or product and the engagement framework.


Choose technologies and manage the proposal process to involve the best talent for the project.


Define the digital marketing strategy to drive engagement based on people´s needs and interests.

what makes this approach different?
Many digital projects are briefed by leaders and managers who are not experts in the digital landscape. This leads to deficient strategies and poorly executed platforms. Our team will help you to bridge that gap. We help you craft an effective project brief, source the right people and execute the project within the strategy. We manage the process from brief to execution.


Tharien Pieterse
Digital Strategist
Umuthi Digital

Founder and digital marketing transformation expert at Umuthi Digital responsible for cross-regional digital strategy, end-to-end eCommerce solutions, eLearning, automation, digital advertising and designing new digital products.

Vincent Raffray
Brand Strategist
Future Collective

Vincent heads up Future Collective and is responsible for delivering strategic creative ideas across all media channels. Under Vincent’s leadership, the company continues to expand it’s client list across South Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Mia Esterhuyzen
Corporate Culture Strategist
Future Collective

With ten years’ experience working with NGO’s and small businesses, Mia has experience with both Grassroots Development Initiatives and Top-Down management styles. This diversity of experiences has gained her the invaluable talent of strategising conflicting areas seamlessly.